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In order to realize a good market position for the JRS-Engine, an innovative and exclusive motorcycle concept [JRS-M01] has been developed for a niche market by making optimal use of the unique characteristics of the JRS-Engine.

JRS-M01 StreetFighter

The JRS-M01 must become the technology flagship and “showcase” for JRS-Systems.


  Revenue model  

The aim is to market a limited edition of the JRS-M01.


  JRS-M01 Minisite  

For more information, please visit our JRS-M01 Minisite.

Minisite JRS-M01

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12-12-12 : JRS-M01 Unveiled!

JRS-Systems unveils JRS-M01 Motorcycle concept!

Driven by the increasing global ecological problems and a passion for "High Tech" and motorsports, JRS-Systems has developed a concept of an innovative internal combustion engine. In order to position the JRS-Engine successfully on the market, JRS-Systems has also developed an innovative and exclusive motorcycle concept which makes optimal use of the unique characteristics of the JRS-Engine.

The JRS-M01 is a multifunctional motorcycle concept. The total “Look & Feel” of the motorcycle can easily be matched to the personal requirements of every occasion. There are a great number of different configuration possibilities. Each configuration has its own specific characteristics.

The objectives for the unveiling are: 1) To promote the JRS-M01 Motorcycle concept and its innovations (specifically the JRS-Engine) to a wide audience. 2) To find parties interested in 1 or more technologies. 3) To find parties who are willing to participate in the project.

For more information, please visit our JRS-M01 Minisite.

05-12-12 : The countdown has started!

Unveiling JRS-M01 Motorcycle concept! 

The countdown has started: 12-12-12 | 12:12:12 unveiling JRS-M01 Motorcycle concept! 

11-11-12 : Unveiling JRS-M01

On 12-12-12 the JRS-M01 Motorcycle concept will be unveiled!

On 12-12-12 the JRS-M01 Motorcycle concept will be unveiled! In addition, the renewed website of JRS-Systems goes live!



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